Introduction to Encaustic Painting Workshops



Saturday and Sunday, November 16th and 17th, 2019

Saturday and Sunday, March 28th and 29th , 2020


Hello All,


Brighten up your fall and winter at Torbay Bight Studio with our introduction to encaustic painting workshop, which gives participants an intensive one day instruction on the use of  the encaustic medium using the full range of colors and equipment developed by the R&F Paint company in Kingston, NY, and a second day to practice the techniques and make your own creations.


Artists with backgrounds in almost any medium will find these workshops are an exciting opportunity to expand their visual vocabulary with wax. Some who attend have little familiarity with encaustic, others have experience working in the medium, but seek to refine their technique. The dynamic created by this diverse mix of artists adds to the learning experience and to the discovery of new techniques and applications.  The cost for the one-day workshop is $150 and for one day of open studio, $75.


I will discuss the basic materials and formulas used in encaustic painting, the preparation of supports and grounds and safety procedures. There will be demonstrations of tools and techniques for fusing, transparencies and glazes, layering, scraping/scribing, collage,  image transfer, combining oil and encaustic, building up of texture and line and edge.


The use of R&F’s state of the art equipment and their entire line of encaustic paints and pigment sticks is included in the cost of the class. Bring your basic art materials such as papers, supports, photocopied images (toner printed), brushes and mark making tools. Complete discussion of materials and a list will be sent upon registration.


I am an R&F at large instructor and I will be teaching the workshop.


To register send a $75 deposit by mail to:

Carol Bajen-Gahm

62 Lower St,

Torbay, NL, A1K 1B3


or by money transfer to:

Question:  What is this for?

Answer:  Workshop


$50 of the deposit is refundable if you cancel the workshop within 2 weeks before. $25 is non-refundable.



The time for both the open studio and the introductory workshop is 10 am to 4 pm. Torbay Bight Studios is located at 62 Lower St, Torbay.



Contact Carol Bajen-Gahm


781-869-0038 (cell)

Our fall and winter workshops and open studios have been a great success. Click here to see some pictures of artists having fun in the Torbay Bight Studio.

On Friday, January 17, the day before the workshop, Newfoundland was struck by the biggest blizzard in decades. On the Friday night news, Eddie Sheerr, our local weatherman said that we should expect 75 cm (30 inches) of snow, 150 km (90 mph) winds and waves crashing on the beach 10 meters (30 feet) high. It was the waves that convinced us to put up some boards across the studio's picture window overlooking the ocean, and boy are we glad we did. The first time we could venture out to see the damage was Sunday and the end of the studio was covered with two inches of ice; there were stones on the snow in front of the window.


The January workshops will be rescheduled for some time in March when, hopefully, the weather will be a bit calmer.